An ode to Pitt Cue Co – the trailer’s back in town

17 Jun 2012

Pitt Cue Co, my appreciation for you and your way with meat runs deep. As deep as the rich, fatty, meat juices of your tender smoky beef brisket runs into your buttery brioche bun. I’ve been a huge fan of yours ever since I first glimpsed upon your shimmering silver trailer last year, under the shadowy confines of the Hungerford Bridge, on that rainy London summer’s day as the Thames lapped against the banks and the trains rumbled overhead. I remember you smelt like heaven that day.

Beef Brisket Bun al desko

Beef Brisket Bun al desko

As you might have guessed I rather like Pitt Cue Co. Since becoming addicted to their Picklebacks (whisky shot chased by a pickle brine shot served with pork crackling) from an early stage, they’ve always held a special place in my heart. This year they upgraded from the silver trailer (which retired at the end of last Summer with a massive party with Hawksmoor and Tweat Up) and moved into a (marginally) roomier location in Soho, just off Carnaby Street. We are now practically work buddies. Move over Bodeans! I rejoiced at being able to pop over to my favourite BBQ joint for their a dose of their flavoursome, melt in the mouth pulled pork for lunch. Continue reading…

Bea’s of Bloomsbury Crawfish Boil – a feast not for the faint-hearted!

14 Jun 2012

What a pleasure it was to attend the Louisiana-style Crawfish Boil on Thursday evening hosted by the lovely Bea’s of Bloomsbury. Located at their Diner in a Maltby Street archway it was advertised as a proper Southern style party and a feast not for the faint-hearted – they were not kidding!

Two of many trays that arrived that night

Just two of the MANY trays that arrived that night

We arrived to rows of communal tables laden with a variety of sauces, bibs and very necessary giant rolls of kitchen towel. Rubbish bags were attached at the ends of the tables. Things were going to get messy. This definitely looked like my kind of party! Continue reading…

A journey to Brockley Market

10 Jun 2012

Anyone who has ever lived in London will know that no matter what you want to do, no matter where you want to go, sometimes London just really doesn’t seem to want to let you. One Saturday morning we decided we wanted to check out Brockley Market – a local south London market generating a lot of buzz recently for the quality of it’s traders.

Brockley Market

Brockley Market

London on the other hand did not really seem to want us to go. What followed was a frustrating 2 hour journey there consisting of getting on (and getting kicked out of) a variety of public transport options. We arrived grumpy, hungry, angry, “hangry” if you will. But soon our ailments were all forgotten as we went on a furious mission of purchasing delectable delights and stuffing our faces with them as quickly as we could possibly manage. Continue reading…

Soho Food Feast 2012 doing it for the kids

29 May 2012

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day for the Soho Food Feast – the annual event held to raise money for the local Soho Parish Primary School. Returning to St Annes Churchyard for it’s second year, Summer had finally decided to rear it’s head and everyone at this sold out event was in great spirits, enjoying the fun, family-friendly, garden party vibe.

Soho Food Feast

The Soho Food Feast comes across as a smaller, more intimate and better value Taste of London at £6 for entry and £2 per dish. The line up of restaurants was excellent and included the likes of Barrafina, Bocca Di Lupo, Dehesa, Hix, Polpo, Quo Vadis, St John Hotel, The Ivy, The Meatwagon and many, many other huge names in the restaurant scene. Also present were top chefs including Fergus Henderson and Peter Gordon. Continue reading…

HIX at The Tramshed for roast chicken, steak and a bit of Damien Hirst

27 May 2012

A couple of interesting trends seem to have emerged from the recession-era London restaurant scene. First there was the “no reservations” approach resulting in the phenomenon of “Food Groupies” queuing for an hour in order to sample the latest trendy burger (or other such dish), tweeting while they wait and generating further buzz.

And now there seems to be a trend emerging towards “no-choice” (or “limited-choice”) menus. I suppose it makes perfect sense when it is not uncommon these days for a particular must-eat dish to be the talk of the town across the social media world. Not to forget the London street food scene (which is surging in popularity these days), where stallholders mainly specialise in one kind of dish anyway. So I suppose it was only a matter of time before the restaurateurs caught on and perfected one or two dishes only for their menu.

Roast Chicken, not for the squeamish

Roast Chicken, not for the squeamish

HIX at The Tramshed opened on Wednesday and is London’s most recent restaurant to adopt the “limited-choice” approach. The latest in chef and restaurateur Mark Hix’s line of restaurants, they offer roast chicken and sirloin steak on their menu. And fortunately they do take reservations. Continue reading…