Kiwi Ice Creams

17 Jan 2011

Ah the sacrifices I make for this blog… spending my holiday in the New Zealand sunshine shovelling down unspeakable numbers of calories all for the sake of what I hoped would be a nice blog post!  Perhaps someday I’ll look back at this post and think “mmmmmm”.  But for now all I feel is slightly ill as I come to the realisation that every single ice cream pictured in this post was consumed by myself in a relatively short space of time.

In this post I present to you offerings from a few of New Zealand’s most popular ice cream manufacturers:

Tip Top

When we were kids growing up in New Zealand we would go to the dairy (known in England as the newsagents) to get an ice cream during a hot summer’s day.  This ice cream would most likely be produced by Tip Top – New Zealand’s biggest and most popular ice cream manufacturer and also one of the oldest, their ice creams are pretty legendary.

The mighty Jellytip

The mighty Jelly Tip: chocolate coated ice cream with a jelly "tip"

Goody Goody Gum Drops

Goody Goody Gum Drops: bubble gum flavoured ice cream with gum drops

Joy Bar (back for a limited time only!)

Joy Bar: vanilla ice cream with raspberry sauce and chocolate coating. This was previously taken off the market but was fortunately back for a limited time when I was in NZ.

Mint Trumpet

Mint Trumpet: similar to a Mint Cornetto but with a gooey chocolate sauce centre

Rocky Road

Rocky Road: strawberry ice cream coated in plain and chocolate biscuit crumbs

Choc Bar

Choc Bar: chocolate covered with vanilla ice cream, covered with chocolate and coconut

Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake: Comes with star sprinkles and stick on letters which don't work very well if you leave the cake in the car while you're having dinner

Rush Munro’s

As well as being New Zealand’s oldest ice cream manufacturer, a friend tells me Rush Munro’s is also New Zealand’s only ice cream to be completely 100% natural and free of MSG.  A recent road trip brought back fond memories as we visited their first ice cream shop in Hastings.  Quite possibly my favourite ice cream of my entire New Zealand holiday!

1 scoop Strawberries and Cream, 1 scoop Feijoa

1 scoop Strawberries and Cream, 1 scoop Feijoa (a popular fruit in NZ) ice cream


Moving a little further upscale we have Kapiti (who’s Kikorangi Blue Cheese I previously reviewed).  No visit to New Zealand is ever complete without a little visit to the Kapiti Cheeses Shop and Factory at the Lindale Centre.  Known for their rather innovative flavours, my personal favourite is Fig and Honey (dried figs in a Manuka honey ice cream) however on this particular occasion I opted for something with a little more pep.


Affogato: vanilla bean and espresso ice cream complete with a sprinkling of ground coffee beans

Kaffee Eis

A relative newcomer to the New Zealand ice cream market, Kaffee Eis have a number of stores selling a range of gelatos.  Offering a fusion of New Zealand and European flavour I definitely noticed the difference in taste and texture to those I’ve tried in Europe, but still it was rather tasty.  Especially when rewarding yourself for walking up Mount Victoria and back down again!

Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream

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