Friday Night at Wahaca

3 Feb 2011

After becoming a Wahaca’s Facebook Fan’s Table competition loser, they were kind enough to take pity on me and offer a free drink for myself and a friend at their Soho branch.  So on Friday I decided to take advantage of this and organised a group of people to head down.


As it turned out everyone was running late so it was just me, hanging out on my own for 30 minutes or so at their new Tequila Bar in Soho.  It was all rather nice, except that seeing as I had to wait so long I thought I’d have the 2 free drinks all for myself rather than wait for my friends.  You snooze, you lose!

Disappointingly when I got to the bar they claimed I was only entitled to one free drink.  I probably should have questioned it a bit more, but instead I said something along the lines of “oh… okay” and rather pathetically took my single drink back to my table.  Next time I must remember to print out the Facebook message for proof!

Loner at the Tequila Bar with a Mojito

Loner at the Tequila Bar with a Mojito

Regardless my mojito was pretty good.  Soon enough my friends arrived and things perked up a bit as the drinks started to flow and we got some tortilla chips and guacamole to snack on.  I also sampled their Cacao Margarita which sounded interesting, and indeed tasted interesting.  A little bit chocolately, a little bit milky and quite cinnamony.

Cacao Margarita

Cacao Margarita

Soon it was time to eat and the feasting commenced.  Service in the restaurant was ultra fun and friendly.  We began our meal with a couple of servings of pork scratchings.  I adored these.  So light and crispy, served with chunky guacamole.  They hardly felt naughty at all!

Scratchings & guacamole

Scratchings & guacamole (£3.50)

We then moved onto a selection of street food involving tacos, tostadas and quesadillas.

The tacos were made with fresh, soft, flour tortillas and tasty and tender fillings.

Chicken mole tacos

Chicken mole tacos (£3.95)

Pork pibil tacos

Pork pibil tacos (£3.95)

Grilled British steak tacos

Grilled British steak tacos (£4.10)

The tostadas were definitely zestier with crispy tortillas.

Black bean tostadas

Black bean tostadas (£3.60)

MSC mackerel tostadas

MSC mackerel tostadas (£3.95)

Chicken guajillo tostadas

Chicken guajillo tostadas (£3.95)

The quesadillas were warm, cheesey and hearty.

Chipotle chicken quesadillas

Chipotle chicken quesadillas (£3.95)

Black beans and cheese quesadillas

Black beans and cheese quesadillas (£3.60)

Sweet potato

Side dish of sweet potato (£2.95)

I really enjoyed the food here.  Despite eating so much it just didn’t feel so bad when everything tasted so light and fresh and healthy.

By the end of the meal, I was completely stuffed but there was no way I was leaving without sampling the churros.   We shared a couple of plates of these but I definitely could have happily polished off a plate on my own.  The texture was interesting, being crisp on the outside but chewy in the middle.  Still enjoyable though.  I found myself sneaking sips from the little cup of delightful chocolate sauce where there were no more churros to be dipped.

Churros y chocolate

Churros y chocolate (£3.75)

In the end it came to £20 each including a couple of drinks.  Bargain!  Wahaca is definitely a fun place to visit on a Friday night with a vibrant atmosphere.   It makes an excellent alternative to the regular Friday night “pub followed by greasy kebab” session and I’d quite happily do it again.

80 Wardour St
W1F 0

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2 Responses to “Friday Night at Wahaca”

  1. Oli 03 Feb 2011 at 1:47 pm #

    Hi Yeebot,

    Thanks for your lovely review of our new home! We’re really glad that you liked it – It sounds like you had a great night.

    I’m sorry that you weren’t able to get two free drinks from the bar when you arrived. We offer a drink for you and one for a friend, so I guess that giving you one drink was the right thing for the barman to do, but I can see why you might have been a bit dissaponted, especially when you were left waiting – sorry about that! I hope the food and the rest of the evening made up for it.

    I really like the colour that you’ve captured in these photos and your blog looks great. Hope to see you in Wahaca again soon!


    • Yeebot 04 Feb 2011 at 5:10 pm #

      Thanks Oli for your comments and for checking out my site! I’m pleased to say I’ve been to Wahaca several times and have always enjoyed my experiences there. Yeah, the one drink was a bit disappointing but no biggie, I had a great night all the same.