Bento from Arigato Japanese Supermarket

19 Feb 2011

After developing a massive case of Food Envy after hearing about Eat Like a Girl‘s pork chop for breakfast, I took myself down to Arigato Japanese Supermarket – one of my favourite places to go for a filling takeaway bento lunch.

Normally a Chicken Katsu girl, I opted on this occasion for the Tonkatsu Bento (£4.80) in order to quell my porky cravings.  Their bento boxes come with rice and a small serving of pickles and potato salad. They are cold but they will heat them in the microwave for you if you prefer… which I do.

Tonkatsu Bento Box

Tonkatsu Bento Box

Despite this blast of heat from the microwave with the lid on, the katsu surprisingly retains a satisfactory amount of crispiness which I would assume can be attributed to the wonder of panko breadcrumbs.

Although tasty, the pork cutlet was a little dry despite having a nice chunk of fat still attached. If (by some magical cooking process) the fat could have been crisped up a bit more I would have been in heaven.  But at £4.80 for such a decent sized and tasty meal I can’t complain! I’ll just stick to the slightly more tender Chicken Katsu next time.

On extra greedy days such as this one, I’ll also order a croquette for 90p. These are generally good but there’ll be days when they are exceptional.

Vegetable Croquette

Vegetable Croquette

They have an excellent range of boxes including various crumbed and deep fried treats, teriyaki, donburi and sushi. I love their Tofu Steak Bento which is reminiscent of one of my favourite dishes, agedashi tofu. I can also recommend their very tasty Salmon Teriyaki Bento (£4.80).

Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box

Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box

As well as offering bento for takeaway, they also have an area where you can eat in. Not a bad option for if you’re looking for a cheap and quick bite in Soho… or indeed feel like doing some Japanese grocery shopping!

Arigato Japanese Supermarket
48-50 Brewer St

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