Kêu! It’s a knock out!

15 Apr 2011

After getting tanked up to our eyeballs with caffeine at The London Coffee Festival over the weekend, we decided it would probably be wise to go for some lunch. Enter Kêu! Vietnamese for “That’s Fantastic!” and specialists in that fine Vietnamese baguette sandwich people just love to get obsessive about, bánh mì. Recently opened in Old Street, Shoreditch the owner also boasts neighbouring restaurants Cây Tre and Viet Grill under his belt.

BBQ Pork Banh Mi: Lemongrass infused pork loin with daikon and coriander

BBQ Pork bánh mì: Lemongrass infused pork loin with daikon and coriander

I rather liked the modern décor, putting an avant-garde spin on your typical Chinatown restaurant (with it’s rather succulent looking hanging roast meats), and a sandwich shop (with many condiments on display).


We ordered one BBQ Pork and one Spicy Roast Duck (all bánh mì priced at £4.50). Rather than handing us some preprepared sandwiches that had been sitting on a shelf all day, it was a very promising start that they spent a few minutes to freshly make our sandwiches. It was too nice a day to stick around, so as soon as they were ready we headed straight for the nearest patch of green, which just so happened to be Hoxton Square.


I must admit I’ve not eaten much bánh mì in my life, but what it’s worth I’ll tell you this was the best I’ve ever had. A fresh, crisp, crusty baguette bursting with fresh, zingy flavours. The crunch of the daikon, the kick of the chilli, the zestiness of the lemongrass and herbs, the flavoursome meats. It was good!

Spicy roast duck bánh mì with daikon and coriander

Spicy roast duck bánh mì with daikon and coriander

I was very pleased with my first experience at Kêu! With prices to rival any other sandwich shop in London, the quality definitely knocks all competitors out of the ring. Now if only I could find such a lunch option near my office…


332 Old St
EC1V 9

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One Response to “Kêu! It’s a knock out!”

  1. Su-Lin 16 Apr 2011 at 10:28 pm #

    Oooh, I need to find some time to get over to Hackney to try this place!