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Caught mid-éclair in Primrose Hill

Caught mid-éclair in Primrose Hill

Born and raised in New Zealand in the 80s, my food education began early with my parents being in the fruit and vegetables trade. As a kid visiting the bustling fresh produce markets with my Dad early in the morning was an exciting experience; as was exploring the kitchens in some of Wellington’s top restaurants and being given delicious foodie treats by the chefs!

Despite having to work so hard, my Mum still managed to find time to be an amazing home cook and churned out delicious and healthy Chinese stir fries and soups both at home and at our old greengrocers shop on the ancient gas cooker. Having grown up in Malaysia, she also introduced me to the wonders of Malaysian cuisine and my love for spicy curries, satay, roti chenai, mee goreng and char kway teow was instantaneous.

Leaving home and moving to London in early 2004, my introduction to British cuisine had humble beginnings. A cheap eat out when I could afford it would be a huge treat but also came with the added anticipation of discovering whether it would be any good or not. Alas I was not always able to find food that I enjoyed.  Years later and I’ve found that London has a thriving and exciting food scene. For every place I tick off my list, I find myself having to add another 5.

Far from being a food snob, I tend to be more interested in what tastes good rather than where the latest trendy restaurant is. Good cheap eats and street food are still one of my favourite things.

The title of this blog comes from a beloved song from my childhood called The Super-Supper March by John Hamblin which my friend Sam recently reminded me about. The lyrics to the first verse are as follows:

Hungry, hungry I am hungry
Table, table here I come
I could eat a goose-moose burger
Fifteen pickles and a purple plum

Listen to the full song on Spotify!

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