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Say hello to Summer with a Mango Salad

19 Apr 2011

Nothing says Summer to me quite like a ripe, juicy mango. They conjure up happy memories of holidays in sunny Australia as a kid. I don’t think I’d ever tried mango in a salad until my dinner at The Modern Pantry pop up at Meza, but when I did it was a revelation! Anna Hansen’s crisp ham hock, mango, watercress and candied peanut salad left me wanting more.

Prawn, Mango and Avocado Salad

Prawn, Mango and Avocado Salad

Adding mango to a salad is such a simple idea, but so effective. Inspired, I sought out to create my own renditions. (more…)

Mackerel, Mozzarella and Beetroot ala Tristan Welch

7 Apr 2011

While pondering what to have for dinner earlier this week, I found myself drawn to a guardian.co.uk recipe for Baked Mackerel, Mozzarella and Beetroot by Tristan Welch (of Launceston Place fame). This is one of those effortless recipes of the “bung fish plus a few other simple ingredients into a foil parcel” variety. My favourite!

I gave it a whirl, though I couldn’t find any bocconcini, so had to substitute it with a very lovely Laverstoke Farm Mozzarella instead. I also omitted the dill as it’s not a herb I’m fond of. (more…)

Two Meal Ribs

2 Apr 2011

Living in London often means a continuous supply of exciting things to see and do. For me, these can mostly involve events of a culinary nature. If you’ll forgive me for using a tired, old phrase, in the face of this “age of austerity”, enticing new restaurants are opening left, right and centre. This temptation can be harsh on the pocket, so it’s good to occasionally attempt to address the balance between dining out and in.

Two Meal Ribs

The philosophy of balance can also be applied to what you cook when dining in. Here are a couple of meals which can be made inexpensively with ribs, mainly because the same ribs are used in both dishes. They provide flavour to the first dish, a simple soup and eaten in the more indulgent second dish. Both recipes comfortably serve 2, and ingredients are approximated, so feel free to adjust to your liking. (more…)

Foraging for Crab and Pipis

26 Jan 2011

My five week holiday at home in New Zealand mostly consisted of happily loitering about, not doing much of anything really.  Some of this loitering was spent at my Uncle and Aunt’s restaurant Taste of Malaysia in Lower Hutt.  It was here that I overheard my Aunt discussing their Thai Chef, Bob’s recent success crab and pipi fishing at Paraparaumu Beach.

My ears instantly pricked up.  Delicious super fresh seafood… for free?!  ”Can I come next time please?!” I suddenly burst out much to Bob’s astonishment and disbelief that a visitor from London would want to participate in such a manual activity… for fun!  ”We’ll all go!” my Aunt said and so it was set.

Digging about in the waves for pipis

Foraging about in the waves for pipis


My Year of Food 2010: Part 2

6 Jan 2011

Continuing on from my previous post I bring you a few more culinary highlights from 2010:

Bob Bob Ricard (6th August 2010)

After looking for an impromptu place for dinner after work on a Friday night we went for a wander around Soho and stumbled across Bob Bob Ricard.  The exterior being relatively nondescript, it was not a restaurant I’d previously taken much notice of and often walked past it during my work lunch breaks.  However after reading about their rather indulgent sounding caviar and vodka lunch special on Londonist a week or so earlier, my interest was piqued.

So in we went and rather curiously I found myself suddenly transported back to the glamour and decadence of the pre-stock market crash 30s.  The waiting staff wore carnation pink uniforms and the décor was lavish with desk lamps and “Press for Champagne” buttons adorning every booth.  The luxurious quirkiness of the place was a very pleasant surprise.

Press for Champagne Button