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Bea’s of Bloomsbury Crawfish Boil – a feast not for the faint-hearted!

14 Jun 2012

What a pleasure it was to attend the Louisiana-style Crawfish Boil on Thursday evening hosted by the lovely Bea’s of Bloomsbury. Located at their Diner in a Maltby Street archway it was advertised as a proper Southern style party and a feast not for the faint-hearted – they were not kidding!

Two of many trays that arrived that night

Just two of the MANY trays that arrived that night

We arrived to rows of communal tables laden with a variety of sauces, bibs and very necessary giant rolls of kitchen towel. Rubbish bags were attached at the ends of the tables. Things were going to get messy. This definitely looked like my kind of party! (more…)

A journey to Brockley Market

10 Jun 2012

Anyone who has ever lived in London will know that no matter what you want to do, no matter where you want to go, sometimes London just really doesn’t seem to want to let you. One Saturday morning we decided we wanted to check out Brockley Market – a local south London market generating a lot of buzz recently for the quality of it’s traders.

Brockley Market

Brockley Market

London on the other hand did not really seem to want us to go. What followed was a frustrating 2 hour journey there consisting of getting on (and getting kicked out of) a variety of public transport options. We arrived grumpy, hungry, angry, “hangry” if you will. But soon our ailments were all forgotten as we went on a furious mission of purchasing delectable delights and stuffing our faces with them as quickly as we could possibly manage. (more…)

Soho Food Feast 2012 doing it for the kids

29 May 2012

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day for the Soho Food Feast – the annual event held to raise money for the local Soho Parish Primary School. Returning to St Annes Churchyard for it’s second year, Summer had finally decided to rear it’s head and everyone at this sold out event was in great spirits, enjoying the fun, family-friendly, garden party vibe.

Soho Food Feast

The Soho Food Feast comes across as a smaller, more intimate and better value Taste of London at £6 for entry and £2 per dish. The line up of restaurants was excellent and included the likes of Barrafina, Bocca Di Lupo, Dehesa, Hix, Polpo, Quo Vadis, St John Hotel, The Ivy, The Meatwagon and many, many other huge names in the restaurant scene. Also present were top chefs including Fergus Henderson and Peter Gordon. (more…)

Ribstock 2012

27 Apr 2012

Did I ever mention I am really into ribs? The greasy, sticky, sweet, finger licking BBQ kind I mean. Well I am, big time. So great is my weakness that it’s rare that I can scan past the words “ribs” on a menu without immediately putting the menu down and looking no further.

Ribs being prepared by Red Dog Saloon

Ribs being prepared by Red Dog Saloon

I once seriously considered dining at every rib serving restaurant in London in order to find the ultimate ones. Of course these were the days before my cravings for tasty meats could be sated by the likes of The Rib Man, Pitt Cue Co, Hawksmoor and other such fine meat-drenched establishments – when they appeared on the scene I felt the need to search no longer.

But the moment I first heard of Ribstock (a Rib competition devised by The Rib Man and organised by Tweat Up) I knew it was for me. (more…)

Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival Food Round Up

12 Jul 2011

What a nice day out it was at Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival in Clapham Common the other weekend. I thought it was a great concept which combined food, music and markets – all my favourite things about London. This had the potential to be my idea of the perfect festival!

Pit Smoked Barbecue Pulled Pork Shoulder and Slaw from Barbecoa

Pit Smoked Barbecue Pulled Pork Shoulder and Slaw from Barbecoa

Dishes from the pop up restaurants required payment in the form of one token per dish, on sale at £5 each. Sadly these tiny raffle ticket-like stubs caused a bit of heartbreak right from the start as we instantly misplaced one. There goes a fiver down the drain! We had to console ourselves with the fact that I’d been lucky enough to win tickets to the festival in a competition from Taste of London, which at least got us free entry. (more…)