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Three Burgers at Hawksmoor Seven Dials

29 Jul 2011

Hawksmoor Hamburger

A very proud looking Hawksmoor Hamburger

Three of us visited Hawksmoor Seven Dials on Sunday afternoon and plonked ourselves down in their spiffy bar with one and only one intention: to eat burgers! That’s right. Three people. Three burgers. Conveniently there were exactly three burgers on the menu. They arrived and were immediately cut into thirds and shared out. All were juicy and all were delicious – when it comes to burgers Hawksmoor certainly know their stuff! Interestingly there was a real noticeable difference when it came to the impact of flavour of each burger. These could be characterised as follows. (more…)

Hawksmoor’s meatastic pop up at Pitt Cue Co

7 Jul 2011

The day that two of my favourite purveyors of “man food” got together was a day I’d been highly anticipating. For one night only the fabulous steak house Hawksmoor showed up on the grill at Pitt Cue Co – the American style BBQ stand under the Hungerford Bridge. This night happened to be just last night!

Hawksmoor Tamworth belly rib, "Not Dog", kim chi and Pitt Cue Co BBQ Beans

Hawksmoor Tamworth belly rib, "Not Dog", kim chi and Pitt Cue Co BBQ Beans

By the time I arrived at around 6.30pm, they had a nice little queue forming for their special BBQ box. This box of tasty treats contained one of their classic Tamworth belly ribs, a “Not Dog” (consisting of a mix of pork, beef and secret spices) and as much home made kim chi as you cared to pile on top. Pitt Cue Co’s BBQ beans or coleslaw and pickles were also included in the box. All for only £7, this was one weighty and excellently valued meal! (more…)

My Year of Food 2010: Part 3

9 Jan 2011

Here is my final post in the My Year of Food 2010 series with the last lot of foodie highlights from the past year:

Fernandez and Leluu (30th October 2010)

After first hearing about Secret Supper Clubs in London two years ago I was excited to be finally attending one last year, Fernandez and Leluu located in East London.  Run fortnightly by friendly couple Simon and Uyen, their dishes are influenced by their respective birth places of Spain and Vietnam.  Not knowing quite what to expect I found it had the lovely informal atmosphere of going to dinner at a friend of a friend’s house; hugely welcoming with plenty of opportunities to meet new people.

On the night we attended they were doing a charity dinner for Action Against Hunger in association with food brand Unearthed.  Quite a few of their dishes during our 6 course meal incorporated ingredients from Unearthed, and we even got to take home some surplus products at the end of the meal.  I must say it felt great to be stuffing our faces with delicious food knowing it was all for a good cause.

Beautiful scented roses on the table, our BYO wine... and Elvis

Beautiful scented roses on the table, our BYO wine... and Elvis