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HIX at The Tramshed for roast chicken, steak and a bit of Damien Hirst

27 May 2012

A couple of interesting trends seem to have emerged from the recession-era London restaurant scene. First there was the “no reservations” approach resulting in the phenomenon of “Food Groupies” queuing for an hour in order to sample the latest trendy burger (or other such dish), tweeting while they wait and generating further buzz.

And now there seems to be a trend emerging towards “no-choice” (or “limited-choice”) menus. I suppose it makes perfect sense when it is not uncommon these days for a particular must-eat dish to be the talk of the town across the social media world. Not to forget the London street food scene (which is surging in popularity these days), where stallholders mainly specialise in one kind of dish anyway.¬†So I suppose it was only a matter of time before the restaurateurs¬†caught on and perfected one or two dishes only for their menu.

Roast Chicken, not for the squeamish

Roast Chicken, not for the squeamish

HIX at The Tramshed opened on Wednesday and is London’s most recent restaurant to adopt the “limited-choice” approach. The latest in chef and restaurateur Mark Hix’s line of restaurants, they offer roast chicken and sirloin steak on their menu. And fortunately they do take reservations. (more…)