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My Year of Food 2010: Part 1

5 Jan 2011

One thing that has irked me about getting this blog started so late is all the amazing food I’ve enjoyed in 2010 that I’ve missed out on writing about.  But after seeing a series of Favourite Bites of 2010 posts on the blog Eat Like A Girl, I thought “what a good idea!” and was very much inspired to do something similar.

In this post I bring to you a few of my favourite foodie moments from the last year:

Launceston Place (8th May 2010)

Fine dining is not a luxury I can often afford to indulge in but in May I was fortunate enough to be given £100 to dine at any restaurant of my choosing.  After asking the Twittersphere for suggestions, MiMi from Meemalee’s Kitchen recommended Launceston Place and kindly informed head chef, Tristan Welch that she was sending me over.  I took my pal Eatatarian along and we had a blast living it up and enjoying the wonderful food and service!

Musroom Amuse Bouche

Mushroom Amuse Bouche