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Friday night street food at Street Feast London

24 May 2012

Street Feast London is one of the latest street food initiatives – a culinary night market which is taking place every Friday night until 20 July at the Sclater Street Car Park just off Brick Lane. Featuring a number of street food superstars including the likes of Big Apple Hot Dogs, The Rib Man and Homeslice, it was definitely something that I wanted to check out since they kicked off a few weeks ago. So last Friday a group of my friends and I headed on down.

Street Feast London

In typical London fashion it rained. The main dining tent was packed out so we improvised and huddled together under our own makeshift tent of umbrellas to shelter from the drizzle, nice and cosy, only leaving our nest to run out and gather tasty morsels from the deliciously scented stalls surrounding us. (more…)

Burger & Lobster, for your crustacean gratification

10 May 2012

When one has a hankering for lobster in London where does one go? Ah that age old question. For the longest time the only establishments that served these delicious crustaceans as far as I was aware would be the odd Chinese restaurant in the form of lobster noodles, Belgo’s during their lobster festival or somewhere so ostentatious and out of my budget it wasn’t worth considering.

Now when one thinks of lobster in London, there’s just one place comes to mind… Burger & Lobster.

Grilled lobster

Grilled lobster

Brought to you from the folks behind Goodman, there is no menu, only one simple question “burger or lobster?” With both dishes priced at £20, it’s not difficult to guess who wins. In fact a quick glance at the plethora of bright red shells adorning the tables around the restaurant is all it takes to clearly see who the star of the show is. (more…)

MEATmarket – burgers in the fast lane

7 May 2012

Following on from the success of the MEATwagon and MEATliquor, the same team have opened up a new burger joint in town. Located in Jubilee Market, Covent Garden the place has been given the very appropriate name MEATmarket. I popped down on their opening day on Thursday to check it out.



If MEATliquor is a dark burger dungeon, then MEATmarket is it’s polar opposite – it’s brighter twin brother, bathed in fluorescent lighting and decorative signage and situated in the heavens that is the balcony overlooking the tat and crafts of Jubilee Market. Seemingly modelled on fast food chains, MEATmarket comes across much more accessible and family friendly version of it’s evil twin.  (more…)

Ribstock 2012

27 Apr 2012

Did I ever mention I am really into ribs? The greasy, sticky, sweet, finger licking BBQ kind I mean. Well I am, big time. So great is my weakness that it’s rare that I can scan past the words “ribs” on a menu without immediately putting the menu down and looking no further.

Ribs being prepared by Red Dog Saloon

Ribs being prepared by Red Dog Saloon

I once seriously considered dining at every rib serving restaurant in London in order to find the ultimate ones. Of course these were the days before my cravings for tasty meats could be sated by the likes of The Rib Man, Pitt Cue Co, Hawksmoor and other such fine meat-drenched establishments – when they appeared on the scene I felt the need to search no longer.

But the moment I first heard of Ribstock (a Rib competition devised by The Rib Man and organised by Tweat Up) I knew it was for me. (more…)

At last, The Bull and Last

23 Apr 2012

I’ve lived in a number of places in London in my 8 years here. I’ve been East and I’ve been West. And now I find myself in North London having moved to Kentish Town.

Having a whole new area of London to explore and familiarise myself with has been quite exciting. I’ve slowly gathered a little bank of knowledge about my new home, such as it’s long standing pub rock scene with many legendary bands performing some of their first gigs here. Notable residents include Giles Coren, Karl Marx and Jon Snow. And I was quite amused to finally discover (not first hand mind you), the true function of the enigma that is Rio’s Health Spa and Sauna.

The Bull and Last

The Bull and Last

Now I’ve also had the opportunity to discover the restaurants in the area. I’d been wanting to visit gastropub The Bull and Last (upon many a recommendation), for a long time. Past Summer days spent lazing around Hampstead Heath would lead to the inevitable wander past The Bull and Last, and temptation would lead us in only to discover every time, that it was full. For some reason, no one ever had the foresight to book in advance. If it happened, it happened. And then it finally did. (more…)