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An ode to Pitt Cue Co – the trailer’s back in town

17 Jun 2012

Pitt Cue Co, my appreciation for you and your way with meat runs deep. As deep as the rich, fatty, meat juices of your tender smoky beef brisket runs into your buttery brioche bun. I’ve been a huge fan of yours ever since I first glimpsed upon your shimmering silver trailer last year, under the shadowy confines of the Hungerford Bridge, on that rainy London summer’s day as the Thames lapped against the banks and the trains rumbled overhead. I remember you smelt like heaven that day.

Beef Brisket Bun al desko

Beef Brisket Bun al desko

As you might have guessed I rather like Pitt Cue Co. Since becoming addicted to their Picklebacks (whisky shot chased by a pickle brine shot served with pork crackling) from an early stage, they’ve always held a special place in my heart. This year they upgraded from the silver trailer (which retired at the end of last Summer with a massive party with Hawksmoor and Tweat Up) and moved into a (marginally) roomier location in Soho, just off Carnaby Street. We are now practically work buddies. Move over Bodeans! I rejoiced at being able to pop over to my favourite BBQ joint for their a dose of their flavoursome, melt in the mouth pulled pork for lunch. (more…)

Hawksmoor’s meatastic pop up at Pitt Cue Co

7 Jul 2011

The day that two of my favourite purveyors of “man food” got together was a day I’d been highly anticipating. For one night only the fabulous steak house Hawksmoor showed up on the grill at Pitt Cue Co – the American style BBQ stand under the Hungerford Bridge. This night happened to be just last night!

Hawksmoor Tamworth belly rib, "Not Dog", kim chi and Pitt Cue Co BBQ Beans

Hawksmoor Tamworth belly rib, "Not Dog", kim chi and Pitt Cue Co BBQ Beans

By the time I arrived at around 6.30pm, they had a nice little queue forming for their special BBQ box. This box of tasty treats contained one of their classic Tamworth belly ribs, a “Not Dog” (consisting of a mix of pork, beef and secret spices) and as much home made kim chi as you cared to pile on top. Pitt Cue Co’s BBQ beans or coleslaw and pickles were also included in the box. All for only £7, this was one weighty and excellently valued meal! (more…)

Taste of London 2011 Round Up

20 Jun 2011

Every Summer the Taste of London food festival takes place over 4 days in Regents Park. It is by far one of my most favourite festivals and in the past five years, rain or shine, I’ve not missed a single one! This year we managed to survive the recent damp weather relatively unscathed except for a few muddy puddles.

Taste of London

We attended on Sunday, the final day of the festival and also the day with the longest session lasting from 12 – 5pm, allowing us more time for eating, drinking, browsing and general enjoyment! We’d purchased VIP tickets so after a quick glass of complimentary champers in the BA VIP Tent, we set off ready to eat! (more…)