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A journey to Brockley Market

10 Jun 2012

Anyone who has ever lived in London will know that no matter what you want to do, no matter where you want to go, sometimes London just really doesn’t seem to want to let you. One Saturday morning we decided we wanted to check out Brockley Market – a local south London market generating a lot of buzz recently for the quality of it’s traders.

Brockley Market

Brockley Market

London on the other hand did not really seem to want us to go. What followed was a frustrating 2 hour journey there consisting of getting on (and getting kicked out of) a variety of public transport options. We arrived grumpy, hungry, angry, “hangry” if you will. But soon our ailments were all forgotten as we went on a furious mission of purchasing delectable delights and stuffing our faces with them as quickly as we could possibly manage. (more…)