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Hurtling through the Plan 9 Space & Time Cafe

22 Apr 2011

Ah the Plan 9 Space and Time Cafe in Maida Vale… being very conveniently located around the corner from me, their breakfast rolls and fry ups have on many a weekend morning (after a big night out) been my saviours! This tiny American style cafe offers a range of tasty treats: cakes, brownies, cookies, bagels, sandwiches, pancakes and various imported goodies from the States.

Bacon Roll

Bacon Roll

In my opinion the breakfast rolls at this American style cafe are the star items on their menu. They use good quality bacon and sausages from Biggles served inside a soft white roll. Combine that with one of their fresh fruit smoothies and you’ve got yourself an instant hangover cure! (more…)

A Grandiose Breakfast at The Wolseley

27 Mar 2011

“Another birthday, another birthday meal out” seems to have defined my past couple of months. But far be it for me to complain. In fact I’m extremely fortunate to have friends with such excellent taste in restaurants.

I’d previously dragged myself out of bed once before to experience the full European grandeur of having breakfast at Piccadilly-based restaurant The Wolseley before going to work! It ended up being a rather luxurious, surprisingly convenient and not overly costly experience. And now the birthday of a friend seemed like an excellent reason to do it again!

Our view from the balcony dining area

Our view from the balcony dining area


Typical Friday…

21 Jan 2011

It’s Friday!  And I’m taking a little break from my New Zealand posts to tell you about it.  I very rarely need an excuse to make a pig of myself and so on Fridays it’s almost a prerequisite.

Breakfast: The Breadman and Flat White

Ah… one of my favourite indulgent breakfasts to have at my desk consists of a flat white from Flat White and a bacon and egg mayonnaise bagel from The Breadman stall in Berwick Street Market, Soho.

Bacon and Egg Mayonnaise Bagel and a Flat White

Bacon and Egg Mayonnaise Bagel and a Flat White

The bagels are proper and come fresh from Brick Lane.  The filling consists of lovely thick slices of bacon (usually still crispy from the frying pan), and offset by creamy scrambled egg mayonnaise. It’s such a naughty but nice way to start the day!

Lunch: Bodeans

This is actually a much smaller meal than I would normally order at Bodeans but I have dinner plans at The Warrington tonight so this was my attempt at taking it easy.  The drawback with ordering ribs is that being so rich and fatty it was still too filling.  Sheesh… what kind of person chooses ribs when looking for a light meal?!  Seriously, I am a prime example of someone with a severe case of “eyes bigger than stomach”.

Spare Ribs

Spare Ribs

Anyway… still feeling full, but off to The Warrington I go!  Wish me luck.