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Brunching with the New York Hipsters at Egg

16 Jul 2011

I had never really grasped the concept of the hipster scene until I visited New York for the first time. All I knew then was that Shoreditch represented something of the London equivalent. We were staying in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where years of urban gentrification had done it’s deed; hipster culture was in full swing and there it smacked me in the face like a geek pie to the head of Nathan Barley. This was Hipsterville, a town where Ray Bans, massive glasses, American Apparel and vintage footwear clad kids ruled the roost.

Organic cheese grits and poached eggs with a side of candied bacon

Organic cheese grits and poached eggs with a side of candied bacon

We walked amongst them, ate with them in their trendy cafes, drank with them with their trendy bars. There seems to be a certain rage generated with certain people when it comes to hipster culture. But from my perspective if there’s candied bacon involved, what’s not to like?! (more…)

Hurtling through the Plan 9 Space & Time Cafe

22 Apr 2011

Ah the Plan 9 Space and Time Cafe in Maida Vale… being very conveniently located around the corner from me, their breakfast rolls and fry ups have on many a weekend morning (after a big night out) been my saviours! This tiny American style cafe offers a range of tasty treats: cakes, brownies, cookies, bagels, sandwiches, pancakes and various imported goodies from the States.

Bacon Roll

Bacon Roll

In my opinion the breakfast rolls at this American style cafe are the star items on their menu. They use good quality bacon and sausages from Biggles served inside a soft white roll. Combine that with one of their fresh fruit smoothies and you’ve got yourself an instant hangover cure! (more…)

Made in Camden… almost made in heaven

10 Apr 2011

Once upon a lazy Sunday, we decided to head down to the Roundhouse in Camden; home to not only music and theatre events, but also to Bar and Dining Room, Made in Camden. It was a recent review by LondonEater full of droolworthy photos which inspired this particular visit.

Made in Camden

I’d seen and was hankering for their version of the Momofuku pork bun – the original, I’ve never tried but hope to when I visit New York in a couple of weeks! Alas we were too early for the evening menu of small plates (Momofuku pork bun included), and instead served their brunch menu. (more…)

Brunch at The Modern Pantry

25 Mar 2011

Anna Hansen has a well established reputation in London as a top chef, known for her trademark flair for combining different flavours in an innovative, fusion style. Her Clerkenwell restaurant, The Modern Pantry has long been on my list of restaurants to visit. Fortunately a friend’s birthday brunch managed to speed up the process in getting me there!

As usual, I began my brunch with the obligatory flat white, while perusing the menu.

Flat White

Flat White



21 Mar 2011

It took me a while, and it took a friend’s birthday brunch to get me there (Eatatarian’s in fact), but I finally managed to visit Exmouth Market based eatery Caravan the other weekend. Miles Kirby (former chef of Providores and fellow Kiwi) is the head chef, so my expectations were pretty high.

Flat White

Flat White

I arrived at the very busy weekend brunch hour of 1pm, and the casual, antipodean style restaurant was packed out with queues all along the bar. I bypassed the throng with a huge sense of relief, and went looking for something which might resemble a private dining room that my friend had booked in advanced. Instead I was vaguely surprised to find my friends seated downstairs at a large lone table in the Roastery Room amongst the fragrant beans and shiny, coffee preparation equipment. (more…)