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Christmas Scenes from Home

26 Dec 2010

It’s Christmas and surprise surprise I’ve eaten too much!  Too full and lazy to do a proper blog post… so instead I leave you with a few scenes from my Christmas at home in Wellington.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve in Waitangi Park

People gathering to look at the Christmas Tree in Waitangi Park


Summer Seasons Eatings!

23 Dec 2010

Although being in New Zealand for a summer Christmas tends to mean that there won’t be any chestnuts roasting on an open fire or Jack Frost nipping on our noses, it sure doesn’t mean we end up eating any less!

I’ve arrived just in time for my first Kiwi Christmas in 6 years and have been kept busy enjoying all the parties that go along with it.  It’s also great to be able to attend the birthday celebrations of friends and family that I’d normally miss at this time of year.

One such party was at Lone Star and goodness me the meals there are huge!  Man food overload.  I think I’ve mentioned before that I can’t look at brunch menus without ordering the Eggs Benedict?  Yeah, that same lack of self control also applies to ribs.  I have something of an obsession with ribs.  I loves ‘em!

Redneck Ribs (small version)

Redneck Ribs - the small version (but not)