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The great New York City coffee hunt!

13 Jun 2011

I realise it was naive of me but it never occurred to me that there would be good coffee in America. From what I’d been told, I didn’t even think of it as an option. But I was proved wrong. So very wrong. Coming across as a veritable treasure map, this amazing map was drawn by the very talented and lovely LeeAnne, a friend who I met through my New York-dwelling pal Robyn.

Le(e)anne Sandwich/Robyn Burger

Too Cute!

Incidentally LeeAnne also drew this adorable sketch of the three of us as a sandwich.

We had a great time bringing out the coffee map at any given moment during our trip, checking to see if we were near one of the listed venues, treating every cup as a prize, like black gold. It seemed to capture everyone’s imagination. We had people clambering for photos of it for their own reference. A nice guy we met in the subway one late evening even drew us a map of his own recommendation.

We didn’t make to every place on the map, but we tried damn hard. And of the one’s we visited, I found them all to be amazing with one exception – those are pretty good odds! Here’s photo evidence of our efforts. (more…)

The London Coffee Festival – a caffeine sugar-coated wonderland

12 Apr 2011

Bottomless coffee and a sugar-fest free-for-all. Welcome to the jittery joy of the London Coffee Festival! This ticketed event which took place over the weekend at The Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane was the first of it’s kind in London with 100% of ticket sales going to Project Waterfall. I’ve despaired over the state of London coffee many times in the past, but I like to think this festival is a step in the right direction.

London Coffee Festival

One mighty fine flat white from Allpress



21 Mar 2011

It took me a while, and it took a friend’s birthday brunch to get me there (Eatatarian’s in fact), but I finally managed to visit Exmouth Market based eatery Caravan the other weekend. Miles Kirby (former chef of Providores and fellow Kiwi) is the head chef, so my expectations were pretty high.

Flat White

Flat White

I arrived at the very busy weekend brunch hour of 1pm, and the casual, antipodean style restaurant was packed out with queues all along the bar. I bypassed the throng with a huge sense of relief, and went looking for something which might resemble a private dining room that my friend had booked in advanced. Instead I was vaguely surprised to find my friends seated downstairs at a large lone table in the Roastery Room amongst the fragrant beans and shiny, coffee preparation equipment. (more…)

A Tribute to Wellington Coffee

23 Jan 2011

It’s a lazy, grey Sunday in London and I’m feeling slightly ropey from a party last night.  Coffee is a big theme for today so what could be a better time to look back at the lovely coffee I drank in New Zealand than now?

I like coffee.  I can distinguish good coffee from bad coffee.  But when it comes to describing all the nuances of various coffee fragrances I must admit I don’t possess a cultured enough palate.

However in London there are 2 particular flavours which are seem to be most prevalent to me when it comes to coffee… burnt or watery.  Sorry London, I love you but your coffee is terrible!  How so many Londoners are happy to drink such bad coffee I shall never understand! *cough* Any large coffee chain in London *cough*

Of course there are also many amazing independent cafes in London that do make excellent coffee, but you really have to know where they are – I have maps to these fine establishments burned into my mind.

I’ve been particularly spoilt, being raised amongst the famous cafe culture of New Zealand’s capital city.  It’s generally pretty difficult to find a bad coffee there.  I certainly made the most of our wonderful cafes during my holiday and it really is too good to pass by without a mention, so here is my little tribute to all the coffee I enjoyed at various locations around Wellington.

Maranui Cafe

Maranui - Flat White

Flat White


Typical Friday…

21 Jan 2011

It’s Friday!  And I’m taking a little break from my New Zealand posts to tell you about it.  I very rarely need an excuse to make a pig of myself and so on Fridays it’s almost a prerequisite.

Breakfast: The Breadman and Flat White

Ah… one of my favourite indulgent breakfasts to have at my desk consists of a flat white from Flat White and a bacon and egg mayonnaise bagel from The Breadman stall in Berwick Street Market, Soho.

Bacon and Egg Mayonnaise Bagel and a Flat White

Bacon and Egg Mayonnaise Bagel and a Flat White

The bagels are proper and come fresh from Brick Lane.  The filling consists of lovely thick slices of bacon (usually still crispy from the frying pan), and offset by creamy scrambled egg mayonnaise. It’s such a naughty but nice way to start the day!

Lunch: Bodeans

This is actually a much smaller meal than I would normally order at Bodeans but I have dinner plans at The Warrington tonight so this was my attempt at taking it easy.  The drawback with ordering ribs is that being so rich and fatty it was still too filling.  Sheesh… what kind of person chooses ribs when looking for a light meal?!  Seriously, I am a prime example of someone with a severe case of “eyes bigger than stomach”.

Spare Ribs

Spare Ribs

Anyway… still feeling full, but off to The Warrington I go!  Wish me luck.