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The Shack Burger – best burger ever!

7 Jun 2011

Hello New York… home to the finest burger I have ever eaten. My dear readers, please allow me to introduce you to the Shack Burger!

The Shack Burger... Ronald, eat your heart out!

The Shack Burger... Ronald, eat your heart out!

In Madison Square Park, New York, under a dazzling canopy of stars (or rope lighting), lies Shake Shack… hamburger heaven. (more…)

Quick bite at Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall

25 May 2011

If you ever find yourself on a touristy jaunt in Boston taking a walk on the historic Freedom Trail, you might like to stop off at Faneuil Hall for a bite or two at the rather nifty Quincy Market.

Boston Eats Apr 2011

This bustling food court is jam packed with dozens of tasty options, from pizza and hot dogs to sushi and noodles.  (more…)

Celebrating Marathon Day/Patriots’ Day

23 May 2011

In Boston, every year on the third Monday in April, Patriots’ Day and the Boston Marathon collide. Bostonians choose to spend this day in different ways. Some will pound the pavement in deep, focussed concentration with the hope of achieving ultimate glory. While others get insanely drunk and take to the streets in celebration.

With my sign and ready to cheer!

With my sign and ready to cheer!

My day was all about cheering on the marathon-running-marvel that is my friend Dom (the main reason for us taking this holiday to Boston), interspersed with a number of foodcentric moments.  (more…)

Icelandic Meat Soup, Hot Dogs and Other Goodies

23 Feb 2011

My recent trip to Iceland wasn’t so much about food than it was about action and adventure and celebrating my friend Sam’s 30th birthday. But it was a little bit about food and so here are a few other Icelandic treats we had the opportunity to experience.

Golden Falls

Gullfoss (Golden Falls)