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Burger & Lobster, for your crustacean gratification

10 May 2012

When one has a hankering for lobster in London where does one go? Ah that age old question. For the longest time the only establishments that served these delicious crustaceans as far as I was aware would be the odd Chinese restaurant in the form of lobster noodles, Belgo’s during their lobster festival or somewhere so ostentatious and out of my budget it wasn’t worth considering.

Now when one thinks of lobster in London, there’s just one place comes to mind… Burger & Lobster.

Grilled lobster

Grilled lobster

Brought to you from the folks behind Goodman, there is no menu, only one simple question “burger or lobster?” With both dishes priced at £20, it’s not difficult to guess who wins. In fact a quick glance at the plethora of bright red shells adorning the tables around the restaurant is all it takes to clearly see who the star of the show is. (more…)

Food stops in P-town and beyond

5 Jun 2011

Here are a few highlights of other places we ate in Provincetown and beyond:

Lobster roll and chips on board the USS Chowder Pot III

Lobster roll and chips on board the USS Chowder Pot III


Partaking in P-town tradition at the Lobster Pot

1 Jun 2011

Every year, Bostonites, New Yorkers and other holidaymakers arrive in excited droves at the little seaside town of Provincetown, Cape Cod for their annual summer “vacay“. P-town (as it is referred to by locals and regulars) is a popular destination for its beaches, artists and status as a gay village. And one of the most popular restaurants to dine at is the Lobster Pot.

The Lobster Pot

The Lobster Pot

I’d read that this long running, seaside restaurant has worked it’s way into the hearts of many regulars who have come to view dining there as a tradition when they make their annual pilgrimage to P-town. (more…)

Quick bite at Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall

25 May 2011

If you ever find yourself on a touristy jaunt in Boston taking a walk on the historic Freedom Trail, you might like to stop off at Faneuil Hall for a bite or two at the rather nifty Quincy Market.

Boston Eats Apr 2011

This bustling food court is jam packed with dozens of tasty options, from pizza and hot dogs to sushi and noodles.  (more…)

Celebrating Marathon Day/Patriots’ Day

23 May 2011

In Boston, every year on the third Monday in April, Patriots’ Day and the Boston Marathon collide. Bostonians choose to spend this day in different ways. Some will pound the pavement in deep, focussed concentration with the hope of achieving ultimate glory. While others get insanely drunk and take to the streets in celebration.

With my sign and ready to cheer!

With my sign and ready to cheer!

My day was all about cheering on the marathon-running-marvel that is my friend Dom (the main reason for us taking this holiday to Boston), interspersed with a number of foodcentric moments.  (more…)