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My Year of Food 2010: Part 3

9 Jan 2011

Here is my final post in the My Year of Food 2010 series with the last lot of foodie highlights from the past year:

Fernandez and Leluu (30th October 2010)

After first hearing about Secret Supper Clubs in London two years ago I was excited to be finally attending one last year, Fernandez and Leluu located in East London.  Run fortnightly by friendly couple Simon and Uyen, their dishes are influenced by their respective birth places of Spain and Vietnam.  Not knowing quite what to expect I found it had the lovely informal atmosphere of going to dinner at a friend of a friend’s house; hugely welcoming with plenty of opportunities to meet new people.

On the night we attended they were doing a charity dinner for Action Against Hunger in association with food brand Unearthed.  Quite a few of their dishes during our 6 course meal incorporated ingredients from Unearthed, and we even got to take home some surplus products at the end of the meal.  I must say it felt great to be stuffing our faces with delicious food knowing it was all for a good cause.

Beautiful scented roses on the table, our BYO wine... and Elvis

Beautiful scented roses on the table, our BYO wine... and Elvis


My Year of Food 2010: Part 2

6 Jan 2011

Continuing on from my previous post I bring you a few more culinary highlights from 2010:

Bob Bob Ricard (6th August 2010)

After looking for an impromptu place for dinner after work on a Friday night we went for a wander around Soho and stumbled across Bob Bob Ricard.  The exterior being relatively nondescript, it was not a restaurant I’d previously taken much notice of and often walked past it during my work lunch breaks.  However after reading about their rather indulgent sounding caviar and vodka lunch special on Londonist a week or so earlier, my interest was piqued.

So in we went and rather curiously I found myself suddenly transported back to the glamour and decadence of the pre-stock market crash 30s.  The waiting staff wore carnation pink uniforms and the décor was lavish with desk lamps and “Press for Champagne” buttons adorning every booth.  The luxurious quirkiness of the place was a very pleasant surprise.

Press for Champagne Button


My Year of Food 2010: Part 1

5 Jan 2011

One thing that has irked me about getting this blog started so late is all the amazing food I’ve enjoyed in 2010 that I’ve missed out on writing about.  But after seeing a series of Favourite Bites of 2010 posts on the blog Eat Like A Girl, I thought “what a good idea!” and was very much inspired to do something similar.

In this post I bring to you a few of my favourite foodie moments from the last year:

Launceston Place (8th May 2010)

Fine dining is not a luxury I can often afford to indulge in but in May I was fortunate enough to be given £100 to dine at any restaurant of my choosing.  After asking the Twittersphere for suggestions, MiMi from Meemalee’s Kitchen recommended Launceston Place and kindly informed head chef, Tristan Welch that she was sending me over.  I took my pal Eatatarian along and we had a blast living it up and enjoying the wonderful food and service!

Musroom Amuse Bouche

Mushroom Amuse Bouche