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Friday night street food at Street Feast London

24 May 2012

Street Feast London is one of the latest street food initiatives – a culinary night market which is taking place every Friday night until 20 July at the Sclater Street Car Park just off Brick Lane. Featuring a number of street food superstars including the likes of Big Apple Hot Dogs, The Rib Man and Homeslice, it was definitely something that I wanted to check out since they kicked off a few weeks ago. So last Friday a group of my friends and I headed on down.

Street Feast London

In typical London fashion it rained. The main dining tent was packed out so we improvised and huddled together under our own makeshift tent of umbrellas to shelter from the drizzle, nice and cosy, only leaving our nest to run out and gather tasty morsels from the deliciously scented stalls surrounding us. (more…)

It’s pizza in New York but New York Pizza it may not be

23 Jul 2011

Pizza was definitely on my “must eat” list on my trip to New York. But oddly I don’t think I actually managed to eat anything that might be considered a genuine New York-style pizza. Regardless, I still enjoyed some mighty fine pizza from the likes of Nice Pizza, Motorino and some dodgy place that was still open at 3am.

Cremini & spicy sauage: mozzarella / garlic / thyme / pecorino

Cremini & spicy sauage: mozzarella / garlic / thyme / pecorino