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Hitching a ride on the Spuntino bandwagon

31 Mar 2011

For the past few weeks or so, I’ve been bombarded with a barrage of twittering and blogging about Spuntino - the latest offering from Russell Norman and Richard Beatty (operators of Soho-based, Venetian style bacaro haunts, Polpo and Polpetto).


“New York! Brooklyn! Lower East Side! Speakeasy!” they say of the atmosphere and decor.

“Seats only 26! No reservations, no phone number provided!” they say of the restaurant policy.

“Truffle egg toast! Sliders! Mac and cheese! Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!” they say of the food.

“ZOMG! Sex shops and hookers!” they say of the location within Soho’s red light district.

After being driven a little mad from persistent ravings about an eatery so nearby to my office, I decided to wander down in my lunch break to see what the deal was. (more…)

The Modern Pantry at Meza – fusion flair pops up in Soho

29 Mar 2011

Baywatch had Baywatch Nights, Hollyoaks had Hollyoaks Later, and now for a limited time only, The Modern Pantry has The Modern Pantry at Meza. All of these reincarnations come across as racier, edgier versions of the original. However there seems to be one key difference between Anna Hansen’s creation and these cheap TV spinoffs: The Modern Pantry at Meza isn’t crap!

The Modern Pantry at Meza

Meza on a Friday night


Friday Night at Wahaca

3 Feb 2011

After becoming a Wahaca’s Facebook Fan’s Table competition loser, they were kind enough to take pity on me and offer a free drink for myself and a friend at their Soho branch.  So on Friday I decided to take advantage of this and organised a group of people to head down.


As it turned out everyone was running late so it was just me, hanging out on my own for 30 minutes or so at their new Tequila Bar in Soho.  It was all rather nice, except that seeing as I had to wait so long I thought I’d have the 2 free drinks all for myself rather than wait for my friends.  You snooze, you lose!

Disappointingly when I got to the bar they claimed I was only entitled to one free drink.  I probably should have questioned it a bit more, but instead I said something along the lines of “oh… okay” and rather pathetically took my single drink back to my table.  Next time I must remember to print out the Facebook message for proof!