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The joys of feeding your soul at The Brooklyn Star

19 Jul 2011

Williamsburg in Brooklyn has a number of great places to eat Southern/soul food. One of these joints, The Brooklyn Star had come recommended by my friend Robyn (also known as The Girl Who Ate Everything) and was right on the street where we were staying. Opened by Joaquin Baca, (a protégé of Momofuku’s David Chang) I was more than happy to have yet another encounter with some good rib sticking soul food so we decided to pay a visit one evening.

Half Rack Dr. Pepper Ribs

Half Rack Dr. Pepper Ribs


Brunching with the New York Hipsters at Egg

16 Jul 2011

I had never really grasped the concept of the hipster scene until I visited New York for the first time. All I knew then was that Shoreditch represented something of the London equivalent. We were staying in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where years of urban gentrification had done it’s deed; hipster culture was in full swing and there it smacked me in the face like a geek pie to the head of Nathan Barley. This was Hipsterville, a town where Ray Bans, massive glasses, American Apparel and vintage footwear clad kids ruled the roost.

Organic cheese grits and poached eggs with a side of candied bacon

Organic cheese grits and poached eggs with a side of candied bacon

We walked amongst them, ate with them in their trendy cafes, drank with them with their trendy bars. There seems to be a certain rage generated with certain people when it comes to hipster culture. But from my perspective if there’s candied bacon involved, what’s not to like?! (more…)

The Boston intersection of friends, food and music… and some sort of tragic mishap

22 May 2011

After a gut plumpin’ two weeks travelling around Boston, Cape Cod and New York I’m back and settled into my usual gut plumpin’ life in London. A “post holiday diet” of sorts was attempted but I must admit rather promptly forgotten about.

Spicy Shrimp Etoufee

Spicy Shrimp Etoufee

During this period it seems that I have fallen off the blogging wagon for which I do apologise profusely. Please bear with me while I attempt to clamber back on board, starting with this post.

First meal of the trip was the result of our guidebook leading us to a restaurant that no longer existed. In it’s place we found Darryl’s Corner Bar and Kitchen – “the intersection of friends, food and music”, the sign outside helpfully informed us. Rather unfortunately on this particular occasion, these three things also seemed to intersect with some sort of tragic mishap behind the restaurant described mysteriously by our waitress as “an accident”. (more…)